Nihad photo NameArabic.com is one of the projects Nihad Nadam started to show the beauty of Arabic Calligraphy most of these names has been designed and styled by using Arabic Typography tools with an artistic touch, Nihad Nadam started this project doing Arabic Calligraphy names free of charge for more than 4 years but when the request became more than a person can handle Nihad started to charge $10 for a name that everybody after this can use.

How does it work?

In NameArabic.com these are more than 1000 names translated to Arabic from all languages you can search for the name you are looking for and use it as your signature, Arabic name tattoo, Facebook profile photo. If you need a high resolution file to print it you can requested from the name page it will only cost you $2.99 also if you want to use your name Arabic calligraphy for an Arabic logo design your graphic designer will need a vector graphic file that you can request for $15 (you will receive the file in 2 working days)

How can I request my name

If you don't find your Arabic calligraphy name you can request a new name, you will have to pay $10 only, you will get your name by email in 3 working days and the name will be uploaded to nameArabic.com so others can use the name as well. this is only for your (first name only)

What if I need my Full name?

If you need a full name that name will be customised for you, this will cost you $39 only.

Please note: when you request you name or full name you dont get to chose the design or the shape you will leave this to us, however if you need to design a customised Arabic company name, wedding names and logos, tattoo ... then you need to contact Nihad Nadam on nihad@nihad.me